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Compassion Drives Us To Get The Results You Need

It is our mission to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives and help them solve their problems through compassion and meet or exceed their expectations.

We Get You Through Lifes Biggest Challenges

You don’t have to take the fight on alone, let us be your ally. Whether you are hurt in an accident, going through a divorce or are having financial difficulties, we can help.

Superior Legal Service at an Affordable Price

We strive to combine the knowledge and experience you expect from a large downtown law office with the close personal support you want from a smaller, independent firm.

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Lynnwood, WA Attorneys serving all of Snohomish and King Counties

Bohan Law is dedicated to serving Lynnwood, Everett, and all of Snohomish and King Counties. If you have a divorce, child custody dispute, bankruptcy, personal injury, or immigration issues give us a call.

Our Firm

The attorneys at Bohan Law understand that dealing with an accident, bankruptcy, divorce or other family law matter will likely be a difficult and emotional experience. We are committed to using our knowledge and compassion-based approach to resolve legal issues or disputes with integrity, professionalism and efficiency. More than anything, we appreciate and understand that our clients will have to live with the manner in which their disputes are resolved long after their cases are resolved. That is why we are persistent in ensuring our clients get the results they need. Our firm represents a broad and diverse spectrum of clients. As knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers, we are able to promptly and honestly assess the range of issues that must be resolved in order to provide a roadmap for resolution. For every client, whether dealing with a simple or a complex and difficult divorce or accident, our goal is the same: to provide the very best legal service possible in helping our clients resolve their cases in a fair and amicable manner.

Family Law

At Bohan Law, PLLC, our approach to each family law case is to do everything we can to ensure our clients are in the strongest possible position to either negotiate a settlement or present a strong case in court. We pay close attention to our clients’ concerns and objectives, and provide detailed knowledge of the court system and applicable law.


Excessive debt, including credit card debt, is more than just a financial burden – it’s an emotional burden as well. Debtors often feel trapped and defeated. People from all professions, ages and walks of life may find themselves facing bankruptcy for a variety of reasons. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help people get on the path out of debt.

Personal Injury

When a person receives a serious personal injury from the negligence or intentional wrong doing of another, their life can change forever. Rather than focus on money first, our law firm focuses on helping our clients regain the best life they can. If you or someone you know needs a personal injury attorney, we encourage you to explore our site. We’re here to help.

Speeding Tickets

If you have received a citation for speeding in Washington, that ticket could make your insurance rates higher for three years. If you are accused of speeding or other traffic infractions, it is important that you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact our attorneys today!


Personal Injury

Family Law

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